Memento Mori

As within
So without
Blood for blood
Cleanse all doubt

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Welcome death
In eternal life we trust

Clear the smoke from our eyes
Past and future harmonize

From the inner depths of my heart
Let love flow
I plant this seed
For all to grow

Floating by on thin ice
Time to break it all
Time for everyone to wake up
Hear the call

It will collapse
Get ready to swim
Splash and play
Don’t be grim

Sun at Dawn
Moon at Bay
Light all around
We are one today

Solidarity here we come
Walk in the path of the sun

It is time to sow the seeds
Do good deeds
Plants trees
Eat greens!


Shake it off
Spit it out
Let it go
Down and out

Thank you Wind
Thank you Water
Thank you Earth
Thank you Fire

Thank you sky
For the rain
Thank you tears
Release all pain

In the flow
Inner know
Here comes the rainbow

Inside out
Outside in
Hate & fear cease
Return to love & peace

Cleanse. Protect. Serve.
Happy Ostara!🥚🍃🌞
Welcome season of Aries!🔥
*A Prayer for my buddy🤗

>>>Lamb of God<<<