Rebelled against the world seed Korn
Against porn
On food
Off travel
Run the course
Courage to race towards finding Grace
Never trade this place in my heart
What’s your favourite dish soap brush?
Phantom of the opera papa
Operation house
John is the mouse
Noise club cancelling shows
Sell me some shoes let’s go to the shore store
She sells she buys the sands of time
to archies rainbows fishing scammed
Never forget the ending always alone always damned
Black to grey fade away
from the episodes of the peoples throne
Chrome room groom to do
Cast away
with or without any connection between korn the band and my gift
Free her from herself in choosing holding space for 3
Community mama only in her mind subconsciously
Hollywood deeply undead indeed unread books never written
So much unsaid and you know that it is black and white,
house and cheddar
cheese from the crows cuz no one knows they plant the seeds of corn after the burn so finally learn
You are the fox & I am the bird
I’ve got my wings now so drink up me hearties the mama’s milk eternal flow
External life in the fields and jails
malls & sails
I’ll never go back to the future now only one
Shows on shoes on crown on too
I’ll be HOME for Christmas will you?
Through my baby I find the balance
Of the holy mother & the holy father
Life & Death
Thank you
Princess J

Here’s to another.. *podcast