A La Maison Des Inconnus

Mama blue
Meet Papa black
Stranger danger
We still need our space

Mama black
Meet little boy blue
How are you?
It’s still too new

7 geese northbound
Home for the season
Bugs bite all night
Solstice draws near

May I light a fire?
I found some fuel
The space in between
Let’s dance & I will share my song if you will share your cheese

Open a window
Des Nada

From the zebra where white meets black

House of Ganesh
Merci beaucoup
I Love that you may splash my Ass (they have a bidet!)

Weaving blue & black into grey
Thank you for another day to integrate with A house of strangers

I’ve been to stranger places
And found even stranger things
Met even stranger people that say no thing

Who are you?
But who am I?
In every day I redefine

Today I am Iris
Tomorrow I am Jude
Yesterday Alice
Or maybe even wizard blue

Bruised with mountains
Caverns of my soul
The adventure continues
Through the oceans of All

Just keep swimming
Squishing Bubbly poo
So calm & grounded
Stable place for an inn

Yoga growing sounds of peace
Baby Yoda vacation in Hawaii?
Pie rats maybe
Cats know everything

Do you speak my language?
I don’t know..
The language of nature
Is the Universal call

Call me in my dreams
Maybe never
Hell is up
With the recent psychotic weather

If Hell is up
Then Heaven is down
Mama has landed
Santa how about you?
Don’t forget to take off your shoes! (outside)

Peace be with you
& to All a good night
Be careful what you eat
Should you choose to take flight

Catch a flame where Ashes cinder
Cindy loo hoo.. Angela too! & Scooby Doo, WHERE ARE YOU?
I’ll find the past & bring up to speed
Maybe even bake some trees
Joyeaux season d’Gemini observatory

Christmas has past but will come again
As will Christ through him & her the holy Prince & princess too through christening baptisms pink, grey & blue

Inconnus/Ex con us
Relax, ground down, & De-stress

πŸ“―πŸ‘‘πŸ’–House of AngelsπŸ˜‡πŸ’«πŸΉ

Maison Favier Le Salon des Inconnus: ART + ACCOMMODATIONS