Memento Mori

As within
So without
Blood for blood
Cleanse all doubt

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Welcome death
In eternal life we trust

Clear the smoke from our eyes
Past and future harmonize

From the inner depths of my heart
Let love flow
I plant this seed
For all to grow

Floating by on thin ice
Time to break it all
Time for everyone to wake up
Hear the call

It will collapse
Get ready to swim
Splash and play
Don’t be grim

Sun at Dawn
Moon at Bay
Light all around
We are one today

Solidarity here we come
Walk in the path of the sun

It is time to sow the seeds
Do good deeds
Plants trees
Eat greens!


Shake it off
Spit it out
Let it go
Down and out

Thank you Wind
Thank you Water
Thank you Earth
Thank you Fire

Thank you sky
For the rain
Thank you tears
Release all pain

In the flow
Inner know
Here comes the rainbow

Inside out
Outside in
Hate & fear cease
Return to love & peace

Cleanse. Protect. Serve.
Happy Ostara!πŸ₯šπŸƒπŸŒž
Welcome season of Aries!πŸ”₯
*A Prayer for my buddyπŸ€—

>>>Lamb of God<<<


Mama Darkness

I’ll live in darkness
I will
I’ll plant a seed of Love
I’ll give my warmth
I’ll give my everything
The fruits of my womb unto you

Here we grow
Here we know
Truth comes with a sacrifice
Before I’m told who I am
We are just a part of each others flesh
And bone
And all the unknown

In the darkness I found life
Its where I learnt to breathe
Its where I learnt to see
I am inside of you
I give birth to the everlasting
On my feet
Walk through the skies of my dreams
Over horizons
Over seas
Bend at the knees
Under trees
Now rest in peace

Let the light shine from within
Rejoice in the cycle of life
Happy Winter Solstice!!!

Timelines cross
Twin flame intervention
Karmic wisdom
Divine calm excitement
So close
Pie in the sky
Castles in the clouds
Mental puzzle building
Fragmented fields
Clearing distortion in the portal
Dimensional architecture
Emerald order
Contribution defend

We now enter into the season of deep fire!

Fire is a quick and deliberate death; A change of form and being; The power to move as quickly as one can bear closeness to; The pure essence and will of change; The heart of light.

Being successful in accomplishing a task is all about mastering change. If things stay the same, they are not improving and therefore become stagnant. The more one can allow, accept, and support change, the more growth may occur. Always stay one step ahead to stay in a continuous flow of movement. Remember that for every negative, there is a positive and just as simply as that, things can be flipped around.

If you imagine it, you can build it.
If you believe in it, you can do it.
If you want it, go get it.
As an individual, we all have something unique to offer, so be original, be yourself!


La lune est pleine Γ  24 degrΓ©s Capricorne

What is meant for me will be mine
The time is now.

Although we can not see it, there is also a lunar eclipse!
You know what to do.
Tonight we burn!

Les Cartes Miroir #18 Integrity

1. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, moral uprightness
2. the state of being whole and undivided

Time & Space

This time and this space is a gift. Celebrate!

You create your reality. When you find balance within yourself, you will become in balance with the universe around you in harmony.

Sometimes people just expect the worse of things as a way to protect themselves from any stress of the worse possibilities actually happening. It is extremely pessimistic and it is also a form of projection. It is one way of looking at life, however the past doesn’t always have to dictate the future. It really bites (and sucks) when you are super hopeful about things and they don’t turn out the way you wish they did, but at least you are open to the possibility of the best happening and becoming reality. If this is the case, it is an indication that the other party or outside forces are just not ready for the new, higher vibrational outlook. When the time is right, the doors will open, minds will open, and unexpected things will happen. Anything is possible!

What you think about can really have a strong effect and can change your mood which is also a form of projection. This is your power, your will power. We live in a complex and infinite universe, so if things are not working out in your favour, feel free to move. As a human being, we have the innate ability to move our bodies around and walk the Earth. Change is constant, so when we are in the flow we may need to move so that we can be in the right place. Sometimes you may already be in the right place but need to wait for the right time. If you are early in some respect, it is good to prepare yourself for what may come. In this case, take the time to work towards whatever it is you want to move forward with. Are you happy? Change is the flow. If you get stuck in a negative cycle, you can always choose to do something different and find your way out.

Some things are just meant to be, like karma, it’s like a part of our soul contract that we signed in order to get a body and mind in the first place. Shit happens every day and there’s something important to learn from it. We learn from our mistakes or inexperience through living and experiencing all the good and the bad, and in the end everything will find balance.

Sometimes you need to take a few steps back in order to move forward. There is a divine sequence and order to everything. We are all intricately interconnected. We are in this together. There is a reason for everything. In the flow I trust. Being here and now is the key to manifestation.

333 is everywhere I see. Sometimes I feel like Donald in mathemagic land. The universe, including this earthly plane is made up of sequences that can be translated into numbers and many times I see it that way in my physical reality as messages from higher realms as I tune in to the guidance and support that is being offered to me. I am being shown my path one step at a time as I move forward with each and every task towards my desire for freedom and independence which inspires me to carry on. Time is a trip and I am enjoying this journey!

Synchronicities may appear through numbers, words, symbols, colours, people, animals, objects, etc. These can be seen as signs of acceptance of the present, meaning you are in the right place at the right time, in addition to guidance towards taking the next step.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself.

β€œYour beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
― Gandhi

Lesson of the day: Trust the universe. Believe in your destiny. Focus on your goals. Surrender to fate.

Cheers to the new moon! We now enter a new cycle!
Happy Eclipse season!

β˜†Book Recommendation:Β ‘THIS is GONNA HURT, Music Photography, and Life through the distorted lens of’ -Nikki Sixx

20190111_172738Summary: The truth hurts. The truth will set you free. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everything comes back around. Life lessons.

β˜†Video Recommendation: ‘Donald in Mathemagic land’

High tide
Catch a flame
Where ashes cinder
Breathe in breathe out
I’m a waterfall
Catch me
But if you drown
I will wash you onto shore
And keep the fire lit
This is just the beginning
Climb the mountain step by step, flame by flame
The prophecy has been revealed

Happy Cancer season!
Happy Summer SOLSTICE!

At the peak of experiencing the longest days of the year, let this be a reminder to make the most of summer and enjoy the days of warmth and light!


Freedom is a choice.

Thank you for the rain,
the heightened sensitivity in the the atmosphere it brings,
for helping me to see and feel the energy flow through me as it is released,
and allow me to let go of all of that which no longer serves me.


Totality, vision, render nothing hidden.
Should you look, sense, wonder and discover,
Enjoy the pursuit
Perceive and Experience
Unknown forces create limits, walls, falsehoods, and misconceptions

If you’ve never had an experience before, why or how can you expect anything at all?

Unveil what is hidden behind the clouds, behind the smoke…
Remove the blanket.
See clearly tonight.

If I stay in the light, I can not be lost.
As I walk into darkness, I have no fear.
Take care. Goodnight! Sweet dreams my dear.
The moon is on the rise!

I feel the warmth of Love. I know my heart is full of it. I should express that more.

Je t’aime.

Carry on by and by
Kiss from a rose on a grave
There’s leaves, There’s dirt,There’s grass
There’s buds, There’s twigs, There’s ash
The rain is gonna fall and cover it all
There’s ripples in the pond as the bird swims away
There’s waves in the air as they fly into grey
Squirrels chase, Squirrels hunt
Squirrels mourn the death of yesterday.
We are here, not there
The in between
What will blossom has yet to be seen
Carry on.. Keep on
Jog and spawn
Together we roam
We travel
We journey on
Thank you for this breath
Thank you for this life
Thank you for being alive wholly
It fills my heart just to know you are here
Water, fire, earth, air
Constellations form sequences in the sky
Onward to glory!
Pigs fly
Trailblaze to another realm
A higher frequency
Zoom out
There’s a bigger picture
Infinite wisdom
But for now I have to pee
Today I’ll be the fool on the hill
Watch and learn
Come to the surface
Meet me face to face
Bury the dead
Gotta deal, gotta heal

“Journey on into the realm of tomorrow! Journey on, only the brave dare to follow!” -Unleash the Archers

Happy Gemini season!!


J’taime food!!! πŸŽπŸπŸŒπŸ‹πŸŠπŸ‰πŸˆπŸ’πŸ“πŸ₯πŸ₯‘πŸ₯•πŸ„πŸ πŸ₯’πŸŒΆπŸ‘πŸ₯—πŸ―🌰🍺🍐🍏

Remember, everything in moderation.

Tis the season of growing!