Totality, vision, render nothing hidden.
Should you look, sense, wonder and discover,
Enjoy the pursuit
Perceive and Experience
Unknown forces create limits, walls, falsehoods, and misconceptions

If you’ve never had an experience before, why or how can you expect anything at all?

Unveil what is hidden behind the clouds, behind the smoke…
Remove the blanket.
See clearly tonight.

If I stay in the light, I can not be lost.
As I walk into darkness, I have no fear.
Take care. Goodnight! Sweet dreams my dear.
The moon is on the rise!

I feel the warmth of Love. I know my heart is full of it. I should express that more.

Je t’aime.

Love reveals all. LOVE yourself enough to BE yourself. I am a Lover! I am a fish! Meow!!
To my Lover, thank you for showing me what I am made of. I am made of Love. I am Love. LOVE. This is my gift to the world. Thank you for stepping into the grey. Happy birthday Judah!


Letter to Alice


Dear Alice in wonderland,
I love you! Books do contain pictures. Not all of them, only some of them of course because books exist in unlimited possibilities and unlimited possibilities live within books. They include an unlimited and infinite impossible things. By impossible I mean possible because anything is possible including the impossible as you may have heard. Of course up is down and down is up in wonderland, so do not confuse up with upup and down with downdown. Not everything is as it seems to be on the surface. Books are also a physical form of conversations; however they don’t even have to be physical. Some are, some are not. We even have books that are disguised as computers. They are a record of all that is and all that has been. They are a great resource of information for the growing mind. As the universe expands, so do our minds. Books are everywhere. Books are everyone. Where are you? Who are you? Are you a book? Just kidding, I know you are a child that is growing and learning and exploring all the wonder in the land. You are yourself, you are Alice in Wonderland; but you also live and exist in a book. After all, Wonderland is the book where I found you.
Straight to the heart, from the heart,
Love, Jude

Face your fear
Don’t run, don’t hide
Don’t deny
True love
Destiny is on the other side
Don’t push, don’t pull
Just let go
The door is open
Walk into the abyss
Let the cycle come to close as it may,
Tomorrow is a new day

Welcome to Scorpio season! What is your full moon wish?